I was looking over what I created for AEDM and wanted to share a photo of all my doodles together. Looks pretty cool as a bunch, but the thing is… I usually don’t do anything with them after the fact. I’m definitely a crazy brainstorming – cool idea – let’s go for it – kind of person, but the excitement fizzles out and plenty of cool ideas are left in the dust.


Maybe another word for it is laziness? Sigh. It’s funny that I can be typing this out… instead of spending time finishing something. Silly, eh? Oh, it’s a lazy Sunday…

Regardless, AEDM was really nice and always fun to participate in. There’s something satisfying about completing a challenge, no doubt. Not to mention seeing everyone else’s great work, multiplying and spreading that creative energy in the air. Now I really need to harness it and direct it all properly, instead of flailing with excitement, huh?

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