Another year and another November passing by and today marks the end of Art Every Day Month 2012. I’m always inspired when participating in this event, witnessing all the creation that unfolds… but also surprising myself in looking back at my own work for the month. Often we think there is no time to be creative and that a few minutes daily wouldn’t add up to much at all. But that’s a false assumption – negativity that prevents us from taking any action at all. I’ve only spent a few minutes each morning to doodle and now I have a whole stream of work to look back proudly upon. Pretty darn cool.

I took a bit more time today, working on a face of a girl in pencil. I suddenly realized that I often avoid using pencil because I think about how graphite smears and I’d end up creating a mess. I started journaling only in pen to prevent myself from erasing like a madwoman, always tending to correct and adjust. But it was silly to cut myself off to pencil as a tool. It’s just another tool. I actually like the texture that pencil makes and especially when scanning it into the computer for digital work. Funny how sometimes we block ourselves from something unnecessarily!

Below is a wrap up and roundup of my instagram feed with my doodles for the month and bit before. Art Every Day Month has been good for me.