After creating the template for the snowman stationery template set (download it for personal use here), I decided to add a list paper template as well, so you can download the snowman design for your to do lists, shopping lists and whatever lists .

Download the Snowman Stationery Set List Paper PDF


I like the idea of creating as many usable elements as possible in the stationery set, so that it suits all needs.  Can you think of anything else to add in?  For the holidays, I was thinking of place setting paper goods, but perhaps that is a different set altogether that would have invitations, namecards and placemat decorations.  Perhaps color-it-in line drawings for children’s placements?  That was an idea that popped up when I was in the shower, so random!

Otherwise, I was happen to make an order on for my holiday postcards with different designs and art work featured.  I am so excited to receive it, although here in Italy the mail takes forever – even if something is sent FedEx or DHL.  I’m crossing my fingers.  In the spirit of looking at past designs and trying to clean up and organize, I decided to go back through all my files from the beginning and finish all those unfinished and abandoned projects.  Or at least look at them again…!  This is going to take some time…

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