Busy day as I jumped randomly from one thing to another today.  Here’s what I did for day 3 of Art Every Day Month.

After finishing up “real work” I did some doodling in the theme of skinny from Illustration Friday. A bunch of skinny necks as I like to doodle faces a lot.  I realized that I have issues finishing up my drawings as I get caught up in certain details and then have no interest in the rest of it!


Then I did some more doodling as I usually do for my 4-year old niece to color in…


…and then I continued with my acrylic experimental piece.  I realized too much water mixed with the acrylic paint would result in actual waterlogged stains, but I worked with it and continued with some detailing for my sailing/sinking ship.  I’m thinking of adding more detail with ink after it dries nicely tonight.


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