Another day of fun stuff.  I continued working on my acrylic piece…Sleepy Moon.  Just playing around with drippy paint to see what happens.  It’s looking more sleepy than I had imagined though…hmm…


Afterwards, I just started doodling again.  I have a lot of journals, but can’t seem to keep it all together.  Perhaps a physical, nicely bound journal is just too much pressure for me.  I prefer working on whatever, whenever and I just keep it all in a file folder.  Usually it’s just printer/copy paper that I doodle on.  I think of my stack of doodles as an inspiration file, since doodles and sketches are good times to practice random things and experiment. Here’s a bunch of doodles I’m working on, perhaps I can turn them digital or even paint something…


These robots were inspired by a panda doll named Quincy, my friend owns (check out Quincy Adventures) That should explain the funky mustache look on both robots!


Just more doodling…I like the upside down bit a lot…think I will expand on that at some point.


In the end, I started another acrylic piece in the same color scheme as my first experiment.  I just like the colors and playing with dripping paint…


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