My acrylic painting experiments are still going, but I realized with my sleepy moon piece that too much water is a really bad thing! The paint did not bind well or perhaps I tried painting over before the previous layers were dry.  A giant pimple formed on the painting and now I have to figure out how to salvage the whole thing…eek! Instead of freaking out too much, I just decided to take a break from the acrylic paintings for a while.

I found an old stack of watercolor papers that I was supposed to doodle on, but coffee had spilled over them at one point.  The papers got soaked in one corner, stuck together and partially ripped in spots. A big mess, but I didn’t want to throw away the paper and it’s just been sitting there.  I suddenly had the idea to collage over the broken parts to salvage the whole series.  I’m thinking collaged hair accessories for these hairstyles and I will draw on these at some point as well. For now, I’m happy to be making some progress…



Since I had the watercolors out, I also worked on a little art piece for the Italy on Sunday challenge…to use your favorite stamp! I think my mind changes on this every so often, but currently it is my owlie stamp design that I had made professionally.  It’s so satisfying to see your own design made into a product that you can touch and admire.  Here’s my little musing that I consider my first mail art experimentation.


Now I am trying to catch up on some podcast listening, so doodling away. I am feeling really into the nautical theme now…


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