I wonder how many of you know that I actually have a lot of blogs, in attempts to satisfy my varying interests in all things arts and crafts?  One of these days, I have to figure out a way to connect them all, perhaps footer banners…hmm.  If you haven’t seen my digital card designs, I would really appreciate it if you would check out my other blog http://www.backtopaper.com.  It all started with the love of papercrafting and cardmaking that eventually turned into digital card design so that I could print or compose on demand.  Reduce, reuse and recycle, right?

So I’m a big fan of creating digital graphics – something about the speed and duplicability of creating designs in that way excites me.  Also, I suppose I am just a bit lazy, because I start a lot of things digital first.  I know – the shock!  Sometimes I just can’t wait or be bothered by scanning things in, especially since I’m already in Illustrator or Photoshop for work purposes.  One of these days I really have to get a tablet…one day!

I worked a lot on the computer for real work today, but decided to continue for fun as well.  Designing layouts, working on print projects and also my digital card designs that you can follow on my Flickr.  I decided to work on the female version of my singing doll boy…check out my sketch below.  A bit too drag queen-ish since I was working off the boy image?  What do you think? A great greeting card or postcard design?  Or perhaps a pillow because I can’t ever have enough fluffy pillows!


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