Today happens to be a super gloomy, rainy day here in Tuscany. Although at times it can be quite peaceful and cozy staying inside the house, listening to the raindrops outside. I think it’s the lack of sunlight that really gets to me. My mood is so easily affected by the weather and even if I have to work indoors in front of the computer, a sunny blue sky outside still makes me cheerier. Oh well, I just have to get creative and find ways to pump myself up. Dance a little to crazy music or jump around madly for no reason – that’ll really shake things up. Seriously! 🙂

I decided to do a bit of collage journaling to go along with my thoughts about the weather. I cut random pieces of paper that were lying around my desk, making big shapes with freehand cutting. It’s a relaxing process to collage and I went with an old school glue stick to put it all together. Then I went over with pencils, markers and ink…it has a shabby feel to it, right? It’s funny because the green paper and little illustrations cut-outs are from Ikea…random, I know! I saw that they had a stationery set and I can’t help but keep buying paper. I think because it’s always easy to do something with it…origami, scrapbooking or collage! When I am feeling a bit tired or low, I usually turn to collage because it seems effortless to cut randomly and very much like digression to kindergarten. Work with your hands and simple shapes and just smack ’em together on a page. You should definitely try it, would love to see how everyone does their collaging. Happy Tuesday!

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