This morning started as a rainy, gloomy day so my art journal page began with a little girl under the clouds. She wasn’t so happy about it all. The weather so drastically affects my mood, it has a bit too much control over me I think! However, as lunchtime rolled around the skies cleared and it was full-on summer sunshine. So I had to change her to a happy girl because the sun was arriving. The sun is actually one of the printable graphics I posted previously. The spread started as a bunch of square papers pasted into my journal. I added paint in various colors and rubbed them all over, then drew my little illustration, adding white paint and outlining the drawing again. Pretty simple, but it creates a nice blocky texture in the background.

So an update on the zine idea I wrote about on last week’s art journaling post…I was so inspired after reading and learning about the creative process of ihanna’s Mettazine! I’ve always been in love with zines like Craft Leftovers and even online mags like ArtTrader – there are so many great ones out there. With the encouragement of my lovely readers I jumped on the idea of creating one myself. I like the idea of sharing my point of view on a topic, like discussing with friends about something I’m passionate about. I also love the idea of creating a fun little booklet to mail out. With handmade touches and sort of underground feel to it – like the days of handing out revolutionary ideas on the down low 🙂 LOL! I started typing my ideas out and before I knew it, I had written a full 6 pages of text! Here’s a peek at my stream of consciousness…

I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, but I suppose I do become a chatterbox when I get comfortable. No longer the little meek girl you might suppose me to be. Maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard though because it looks like a lot to read. However, I’ll be spicing it up with some interactivity and doodles. Exciting stuff and I can’t wait to keep working on it and really put it together. I want to find a way to bind it as a little book since I love bookbinding as well. Those are just a few of the ideas running in my mind…weee!!!

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