Happy Tuesday to you! The sun is shining brightly and the weather is super hot here in the Tuscan hills. Although most people complain about being uncomfortable and sweating too much – I on the other hand completely love it! Is it bizarre that a Fall baby like me loves the super hot version of everything? Hot showers, hot peppers, hot sun…even the super hot air trapped in your car on a sunny day. Yup, I actually look forward to getting into a warmed-up car in the summertime. That warm wave of air just feels good. I guess we’ll see in a few months if my senseless glee holds up! Nevertheless, the colors of warmth and happy thoughts definitely influenced the color palette for my art journal page today.

It’s all about yellows, oranges and earthy tones. This was a little lady I sketched up and started coloring in with colored pencils. Then I decided to fill in with watercolors and outlining with ink. Nothing fancy here, just another lady in my simply bound leather sketchbook. Although I started to realize how I automatically draw full-frontal faces instead of any other view. Coming from more of a cartooning experience of drawing, I always find profiles and other views very challenging. Another exploration to add to my list of experiments…3/4th profile views…profile views. Lately my mind has been swirling with so many different ideas. Art journaling discussions in the Milliande and Art Journaling ning communities, sharing tutorials, designing printable graphics, patterns, making journals, flip books and zines… I could go on and on into a laundry list stream-of-consciousness brain dump. I’m sure many creatives have this same swirling in the mind and sometimes making lists and just writing out the possibilities helps a lot.

I sort of scribble and make random notes in my idea book. Sometimes I don’t even understand myself after the fact, but I suppose it’s about the process at that moment…of getting it out of me. The muse had to speak, right? At first I started writing my ideas for art journaling posts. Perhaps something for beginners to start but really as an exercise for myself to document my process. I know there are a million resources out there about art journaling techniques, but we all have an individual point of view. I thought about writing tutorials or maybe trying to do a video or two as well. Or maybe I should make an e-book to make it more official and incorporate my graphic design skills. But then I thought that was too professional in a sense and a handmade zine would be much cooler to send to friends. Ideas and more ideas…but the zine idea really stuck. I suppose it was destiny because I actually received a zine in the mail today as well. What zines do you read? I like how they are limited and coming from that one person. Cool and interesting tidbits…factoids…little bits to add to our own creative lives. It’s like how we buy cookbooks and like to see photos and follow along with the recipes. However, over time you write in your own notes and alter to fit your particular taste and style…how cool is that? I wonder if I could make a zine as cool as that…what do you think? Would you read a little zine if I make it? If you build it will they come? Any comments or suggestions would be great…thank you in advance and have fun art journaling. As always, thank you for dropping by, ciao ciao! 🙂

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