Hi everyone! Another week of art journaling with me, thanks for stopping by as always. I thought I would continue with drawing my funky ladies in the black journal of watercolor paper. When I go to draw, there’s no plan or picture in my mind. I just start with round eyes and go from there, whatever my hand happens to do on it’s own really.

This time I ended up with an alien-looking lady and the writing says “swirls, it’s magic now” – musings that just come forth from within. It’s nice to just draw and not really care about how it all ends up. It’s the process and act that is wondrous and rewarding. I think that art journaling is really about that exactly – the free creative process. Sure it’s nice to be able to share a beautiful result, but first and foremost art journaling is about you and your expression. You can pour yourself out and whatever comes out or doesn’t come out – it’s all good for the soul in the end. It doesn’t matter if you want to draw or collage or splatter paint. Creative therapy for life I suppose? Hope you have a lovely week and if you like art journaling consider joining the ning communities Milliande and art journaling – I’m on there, so look me up. Ciao ciao!