Yesterday I was inspired by Modigliani and started some experimentation in my art journal. I painted a few ladies with long faces, going off Modigliani’s style, but I really tried to loosen up and not care about the details in painting.

I notice that I often get sucked into trying to get that one line perfect, when in reality it doesn’t matter if you step back and look at the big picture at times. I’m not painting a portrait of a real person, it’s just imaginary strange women that come from my muse…or maybe they all don’t even look like women!

I went through a series of free painting sessions, loosening up more as I progressed from lady to lady. It was nice to just do something on a whim and go wild, not caring what the results would be. Free painting…painting loosely without planning. Sorry for some of the images that are blurry, I can’t seem to hold my camera still, ever!

In the end I also added a phrase that popped into my mind to accompany each portrait. It was whatever came into my mind, no plan or relation to when I first started painting. It was a relaxing art journaling exercise…try painting super loose yourself and you will see.

Were any of you inspired by yesterday’s post on Modigliani? Would love to see your work as well…please feel free to share in the comments. Either way, have a happy creative Tuesday! 🙂