I wanted to participate with this month’s crusade challenge by Michelle Ward called back to back, but I didn’t have a way to make color copies easily. It’s about using the same background, but working on them differently. I decided instead to start a new spread of my journal, by applying paint and smashing the pages together, so I get a mirror image of the same colors.

I am just using simple craft paints here, squirting a bunch randomly on one side. It turns out I put on a bit too much paint though…perhaps I should have watered it down!

You can see that there’s a whole lot of paint on the smashed pages and I didn’t want to waste it all, so took a few more pages to duplicate the effect and spread out the paint more. It’s a good way to save paint and sort of “start” other journal pages by smearing paint on them.

Here you can see all three copies and still there was a nice layer of paint on all of them, even after spreading it around.

I decided to work on the two sides of the pages different, one light and one dark to see how they would turn out differently. A bit of collage with scraps of paper and tags, my favorite little embellishment to add in. Certainly a very light versus dark look I have going on here…I am just loving the textures and weird reactions of the paint more than anything else.

I added some journaling in the end, but pretty much left it this way with the light side and dark side contrasting each other. Bizarre to think the underpainting is exactly the same mirror image, but now it looks totally different.

Here are some detailed shots…I just really love the funky texture that developed when I put the watery black paint over the original colors. Very cool. It’s not the same effect on the lighter side, so it’s nicer to realize the difference with this experimentation.

I definitely had a lot of fun with this challenge and can’t wait to see what others have done…yay! Go on and check out the crusades to join in yourself with a little bit of fun art journaling play.

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