Happy Monday my lovely readers 🙂 Can you believe it is already May 2010? Well, this week is especially exciting for me because I have the great honor of being one of the guest curators on Crescendoh.com! It’s a chance for me to share my Art Saves story as well as my favorite links. BTW, you can totally share your story as well – check out the Tell Your Story page to send the lovely folks at Crescendoh your information. I’m also so happy as the month begins because my 1st wedding anniversary is coming up and I’m constantly reminded of how happy my life is now and feeling so grateful for my husband, my family and life here in Italy. I could gush and go on forever, getting super emotional…but I thought perhaps it would be nicer to share some photos from a family trip this past Saturday.

We headed out to a celebration on Saturday, May 1st – our version of Labor Day – to the town of Luco Mugello where my father-in-law was born. Although we are still mourning, having lost him just last year, this trip was a great opportunity for family to greet old friends and reminisce about old times. There was a local cycling race and the event people also honored my father-in-law at the time…it was a lovely celebration memorial type event. I’m actually starting a heritage project, creating a book and a website about his professional cycling career and ended up taking 596 photos for the event. I had such a great time exploring his hometown and we decided to hike up to the top of the hill to explore a bit more. I was so inspired by the views and nature all around us…btw the picture you see above is the opening of the famous Mugello Moto Gp Circuit racetrack…just around the corner from the town of Luco.

I had such a great time with my family and every single time I see the hills around me, I’m reminded of how happy I am to have took the plunge and followed my heart to Italy. I am so thankful for the life I have and immensely happy…talk about bursting with joy!

I cannot express in words how much Art really has saved me in so many ways…but perhaps the pictures can help illustrate all the little things I notice around me, how much gratitude I have for everything around me and how bright and shiny my view really is on this life we have…

Isn’t it lovely how unique and wonderful those wildflowers are…even if some people might consider them weeds? Hope you have a fabulous week and hope you enjoyed a peek into my nature walk! Thanks for stopping by, as always.

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