With all the Italian vacation time in August, I haven’t been very productive lately…not to mention it is madly hot and humid here.  These times require you to stay as still as possible in attempts to keep cool.  You also end up taking multiple showers a day and pretty much lazying about aimlessly.  My husband and I went on little trips to various regions of Italy, but the heat pretty much made us homesick!  Here are some photos to share of our various adventures.


Of course, vacation time will soon be over and Autumn is just around the corner.  I’m totally looking forward to cooler weather and the changing season.  Then comes the frenzy of the holidays!  Whoa…I really need to seize the day and get to work!

I think it has helped mentally and emotionally to unwind and relax, but I’ve also felt a bit of anxiety.  I have so many ideas in mind, I feel like I need to go execute them rather than taking vacation.  After all, you have to take advantage of when inspiration hits!  I’ve always had this constant battle of finding balance and trying to not get overexcited to the point where I suddenly lose focus of the original goal.  Sometimes I wish it was as easy to reset life, as it is in video games.  Not that I want to reset everything, but the clean slate feeling is something to envy at times.

Well, I suppose every day is a new start…so here I go…

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