I’ve always used Adobe Illustrator to create repeating patterns, but the process wasn’t exactly easy and smooth. When a new class came out by Laura Coyle called Automatic Patterns, I jumped at the chance to learn more! Talk about totally worth the $25 I spent.

I already knew about transforms and roughly how to create repeating pattern tiles. But it was always a bit of a clunky process, swatches, updates… etc etc. When CS6 was released with a pattern mode included, it seemed like the pattern designers dream. But with Laura’s teachings and template files, I don’t need CS6. I feel totally re-energizing in my pattern making possibilities. And truly relieved to just concentrate more on the art… not the technical setups. Her class sort of connected the dots for me, even though I already knew bits and pieces. Hopefully will have more patterns to share upcoming! Stay tuned!

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