This past weekend of iNSD really helped me to get back to scrapbooking and I’m starting the week with a HUGE memory keeping smile! It’s easy to say that I have no time these days especially, because it’s a big job to take care of a newborn. I’m constantly feeling a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility. But I know that we all have responsibilities that take up our time. You are probably just as busy with your life. I realize that we have to make time. I scrapbook to preserve certain details that I don’t want to forget – that I certainly want to remember.

It’s so easy to forget the details of our everyday lives. To keep them alive, I scrapbook.


I’ve always been a pretty simple scrapbooker and now with limited time, I’m going even more back to the basics. If I have more time, I can elaborate – but I know that it’s not necessary for me. It’s fun to play with supplies and learn new techniques, but ultimately I know that I’m not trying to impress anyone. I scrapbook for me. It only matters that I’ve gotten the memory down. It makes me happy to be able to flip back to them over time.


I suppose this weekend has helped to REVIVE my scrapbooking motivations. This is a lovely hobby, isn’t it? Why do YOU scrapbook? Have YOU stopped to think about the details and the motivations behind your scrapbooking?

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