This week I decided to offer a hand drawn illustration that I’ve scanned in and turned into a digital stamp. I know this is the normal process for many designers, but I thus far have always created everything directly in illustrator. I just liked the fact that the lines are clean, however that has been frustrating lately because I’m not being able to create the line quality I want. I don’t currently have a tablet drawing tool, so everything is just a bit too clean and graphic looking at times. I decided it was time to scan, even though I’m sooo not looking forward to the processing. Well, first time for everything…

Download Balloon Girl Digital Stamp ZIP (184 kb)

Here’s my little balloon girl, it’s a doodle I created a while back, now turned into a digital stamp design. Download the high quality PNG file and feel free to use for your personal projects. Spread the word and please let me know via the comments what you think about quality, the hand drawn lines, etc. I would love to know what folks are looking for in terms of digital stamp designs and the style. Is the hand drawn line more preferred versus the cleaner computer graphic style? I wonder… thank you in advance and enjoy!

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