Have you ever walked into a fancy famous museum…perused the modern art section…and then left feeling totally clueless? I mean, there’s some great stuff, some interesting stuff, some shocking stuff. But in the end, I don’t think I really get it and reading the explanations can sometimes just sound like a bunch of big words…hmm. I suppose here in Italy, it’s a lot easier for me to see the opposite. The classics from the past and lots of beautiful work from the Renaissance. I like seeing beautiful works. If I think about purchasing art for my home, for example…it would probably be something pleasing to the eye. It might even be sad beautiful…but certainly some kind of beauty in my eyes, so that I would want to see it all the time.

So when I watched a presentation by artist Scott Burdick – The Banishment of Beauty – I could really connect to what he was trying to say. It seems that he is pitting the realist painters against the modern/contemporary artists…but I certainly do understand the seemingly imbalanced representation in our art institutions. I would never want artists to stop experimenting and forging new ground…doing whatever comes out them…but is it right that a can of sh$&!!%t is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? Sure…I understand that as with everything in life…there are those shockers and one-hit wonders. But I do see that in the art education system, this emphasis…might I even say forcing students to dig deep and wrench out their hearts. I mean, it’s not wrong to bring out your emotion in your art. But I can absolutely say with certainly that many art students will tell you that they have just taken 4 years to learn how to beautifully BS in their art descriptions. Is that not sad?

I’m sure modern art enthusiasts will curse at Scott’s presentation or scoff and those of us who “just don’t get it” and can’t appreciate the true beauty of their work…blah blah. Lots of thoughts in my head and lots of conflict…but I just had to share the video presentation and I hope you have some time to watch it. It’s just such a big topic for me and even more so in regards to art institutions spending public money, yet not representing the whole public… Anyway… let me know what you think. I am totally curious to know how others feel.

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