I have been busy these days with many things on my list of to do’s, but not busy at the same time because I cannot get myself to finish anything.  Although I have great plans in my mind, I wasn’t able to start up properly.  Finally, going through my RSS feeds this week, a few things together sparked me up.

Interesting enough, it all started from Inspire Me Thursday.  An image of Mademoiselle Rivière was offered up for download, with an open prompt to do whatever with it.  I was struck by the image and recent thoughts about the role of women in today’s society.  How so much has changed and not changed.  Coincidentally there’s also a woman challenge from Italy on Sunday and the theme this month on Creative Every Day is to connect. Somehow all those ideas together struck a chord within me and I decided I had to do something. But what to do?

I jumped in completely unplanned and created something without knowing what the outcome would be.  No thought of composition or the end result…just do it!  Somehow it felt like the right path to take, to reconnect with myself and the freedom of creativity.  Give myself the freedom to go wherever my hands took me. It was liberating to not have to do something for a client, to not do something for the purpose of creating products…instead just having fun creating.  I suppose we all do this in journaling and doodling, but usually I don’t share that type of stuff.


I decided I have to share, because all this could be inspiring to others and in the spirit of community and connecting – sharing your work means creating a dialogue with your blog visitors.  Even if I can’t say in words how I feel or communicate exactly what I am thinking in proper prose, perhaps my work will demonstrate better.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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