I created these two layouts to document a bit of us with our little baby. Turns out I’ve been a bit crazy taking photos of the little one, but there’s rarely anyone else with him in the photos – oops!


So I’m trying to turn the camera around and document us together. That is much more real life… just us hanging out. Even though I always say our little boy is little… he’s actually a big boy! He is growing constantly and tall for his weight as well. Everyone says he looks older than his actual age too! That’s why I titled the page Big Little Boy.


For the other page, it was to document the cuteness of when our boy in the hospital room holding onto his daddy’s finger. Oh so precious! I know, this is the lovey dovey, sugar sweet stuff that melts a mom’s heart. I often wonder how much time parents spend just staring at their kids… LOL!

LTieu-backtopaper-dad1 LTieu-backtopaper-dad2

Simple layouts that really just feature the photo, not to mention the patterned paper already has a lot of design going on. I’m most definitely back to the basics these days. I’m realizing that I often want to add more to my pages just because I think it should be more designed or filled up… but it’s not necessary in the end. So I let myself be simple. Everyone scraps in their own way and there is no right or wrong after all. For me right now, scrapping simple is the feasible option and I don’t want to add elements – “just because.” However, creating pages still gives me some creative playtime, however simple those pages may be.

What about you? Do you scrapbook clean and simple or super embellished?

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