Whew!  Sorry if you’ve been noticing a bit of madness on my blog today.  I decided to do some blog maintenance, which is a good idea for any blogger from time to time.  Make those little changes you’ve been noting mentally and take the time to really evaluate the various parts from design all the way to layout and technical elements.

First, I decided to update the design by adding the leafy background pattern.  It’s actually the first repeating tile background I’ve made in Illustrator!  I really wanted to add more of the yellow color to my design and shout out happiness!  Bright enough for you?  Also, just in time for Autumn with the leafy design.  I’m hoping to experiment more with tiling backgrounds as well, as soon as I get the hang of it.

Second, I added a Flickr badge to the right column to share my Flickr photos as well as tweets!

Third, I moved the introductory column to the right side of my blog, along with all the subsidiary links.  The reason for this change was primarily because of Google search.  I realized that the little description that Google picks up for your various posts seems to be the first paragraph of the page.  All my pages were showing up with the same intro blurb, so I decided to make the change and see if it would take effect.  That way the description text would match the post and actually be useful.

Finally, I also moved the RSS subscribe and newsletter sign-up to the upper right corner. I’m not so happy with the way it looks, so I will try to come up with something for my next blog maintenance.  I’m also hoping to add graphical links to the bottom footer of the site as well, to link to all my other websites.  I think it might look like ads, but I like banners as opposed to textual links…we’ll see. Here’s a before and after…


Happy Monday and see if there’s something you can improve on your blog as well!

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