If you haven’t already noticed, there’s been some web pixie dust sprinkling here and there on the blog as I’m changing my design. I’m trying to connect all my different websites with a consistent top navigation bar and simplifying the layout of things. KISS.

I often change my mind a million times when it comes to designing my own blogs. It’s one thing to have the skill to design and build websites, it’s completely another thing to actually decide on the plan of action! I’m can be a worker bee, but completely indecisive when it comes to my own stuff. It’s bizarre how we can judge looking from the outside much better than from the inside. Perspective, eh?

So please excuse the shuffling around of things and let me know if you like or notice anything strange. I’ll be going through my sites one by one (check out the top navigation bar to visit them all) and revamping them into a similar layout. Each site will showcase a unique colored doodle of mine… cute, eh?

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