Have you ever taken a look back through your own blog? Literally back post by post…a year or more?

I’ve realized that not only can you get a bit of inspiration from yourself – surfing your own blog instead of others – you also gain perspective from reviewing your progress thus far. I recently flipped through my own blog with the goal of finding some old photos. However, the more I clicked and scrolled, the more I really enjoyed simply looking back at my past creative endeavors.

Suddenly, old ideas were revived and new sparks started to erupt. Pretty cool. However, more touching and sort of pulling to my heart – if that is a way to describe it – was my own realization that I’ve come a long way. That there are days I don’t realize that – and if I simply glance backwards a bit, I’ll feel so much better. Nice.

I also noticed that I posted a lot more in progress, sketches and random experimentations. These days I think I am trying too much to post what I think people might like to see versus what I deem insignificant for whatever reason. Maybe it’s time to re-align the purpose of my blog … yet again. What do you blog for?

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