My sewing machine’s manual specifically warns against sewing leather, canvas and thick materials. I decided to break the rules and do it anyway. Sewing up some scraps of leather, sort of a reverse pieced applique thingy…

I would like to proclaim to the world with fisted-hand, “Oh yes I can sew leather – muhahahah!” Perhaps a bit dramatic, but it really got me thinking about breaking the rules. I don’t mean to put yourself in harm and if I break a needle and it flies into my arm I will be kicking myself, I’m sure (eek!) I mean for us to break the rules we’ve created artificially and to not follow the regulations just because it’s the norm. To go beyond expectations…that’s the only way we will grow and learn, right?

I want to thank everyone for commenting on my post yesterday – I was frustrated with a little drawing that didn’t go as planned and going along with today’s thought of breaking the rules, I realized that I created a random expectation for myself and going out of that regulated space made me feel uncomfortable. I like to draw little cute subjects and create a fantasy optimistic world of smiling little girls. Of course, that’s not the only subject that comes out of me and at times I can get angry and feel a bit down as well. There isn’t a rule or regulation about subject matter that should be directing my art…why did I insist on wanting to be the same? Break out of your own rules, I say! Funny how we box ourselves in at times…but thankfully we can also ponder ourselves out as well.

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