10 Pretty and Practical Things to Print For Free

Looking for pretty and practical things you can print for free? Look no further than the amazing world of digital printables.

10 FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOADS - a variety of free printables

Print For Free with Digital Download Printables

These days there are loads of digital printables available online for free download. Designers have created so many useful layouts, worksheets and items that are easily shared through digital files. I’m a graphic designer and whenever I create something for myself, given that I have already created the file, why not share it with others?

And with a quick google search, you’ll be able to find a multitude of totally FREE options to choose from. You will surely find something that suits your style and needs. Here’s my top ten list of items to get you started with printables!

1. Printable Planners and Calendars

One of the best and most functional designs to print for free are printable planner pages and calendars. Every month and year, loads of dated as well as undated variations are shared online. We can always use these calendars for organizing and planning our lives as well as for reference around the house. Here’s a blank monthly printable that I created for planning purposes.

Monstera Leaves on pink printable blank calendar monthly - FREE DOWNLOAD

And here are more calendar printables to check out:

2. Printables for Kids

One of the coolest items to print for free are activities and designs for your kids. If you have little ones, you know they are hungry for things to play with and always want to color, make and create! Printables gives you an entire online digital library to draw from. Whether it’s fun toy items or actual school related learning printables, there’s a lot to choose from. I’ve created these house designs to play with and there are so many more I regularly print for my own kids.

Village house template printables

3. Home Decor Artwork

Another great practical item to print for free is artwork for home decor. Pretty much any aesthetic design can be printed on paper and use as framed artwork to decorate. From vintage items to new designs to lettering and more. Every room of your house can be decorated on a budget using free printables and always swapped out through the seasons. Printables make it easy and affordable to style your environment.  Here’s a set of art printables I created…

Set of inhale exhale printables for free download.

And here are some of my other favorite home decor artwork printables:

4. Stationery Writing Paper

Another great item to print for free is stationery writing paper. Letter writing and traditional written correspondence is back on the rise and the ability to print your own stationery for any occasion makes it easy to customize and personalize your messages. Whatever design, style or theme you are looking for – it will exist out there! Here’s a set I designed as a matching floral stationery printable set:

Here are some of my other favorite stationery papers to print out:

5. Printable Stickers

Yet another great design item to print for free are printable sticker designs. With the rise of the paper planning community, the demand for designs of all kinds of themes have spurred on many new businesses and freebies online. You can easily find all kinds of themes, design styles and sizes to choose from. Here are some of my illustrations to print and use as stickers. Even if you don’t have sticker paper, it’s just a matter of printing and gluing wherever you want!

sticker embellishments

And there are many more in a variety of styles to explore such as:

6. Gift Tag Printables

Another useful item to print for free are gift tag designs. Especially during the holidays, but there are many design options that will work for other occasions and birthdays as well. A quick search will bring up a lot of free options like:

printable xmas gift tags

7. Greeting Cards

Another super useful and practical item to print for free are greeting cards! We can always use a sentiment that is beautifully designed to send to someone or accompany a package or gift. Check out the ones I have designed below…

Printable I Miss You Cards

And here are more designs that I love:

8. Collage Papers

Another fun item to print for free are collage papers. They might be illustrations, vintage designs or artistic collage sheets. People use these for art journaling, decorating and just fun cutting and pasting designs.  Here’s a free collage sheet printable I illustrated…

And here are more collage sheets I love using:

9. Coloring Pages

Another huge industry that has taken on a lot of popularity lately is coloring pages. You can download many of these to print for free in a multitude of difficulty levels and design styles. Whether it’s for kids or adults, you’ll find something that suits your mood or needs. Here’s one that I have illustrated myself below:

I love Myself positive affirmation girls coloring page preview

Here are some of my other favorite coloring page printables:

10. Gift Card Holders

Finally, you can also print gift card holders for all those people in your life that are difficult to shop for. You know it’s the best to get them a gift card, but it would be more thoughtful to put the gift in a holder or special card, to make it extra special. I really like this roundup of printable gift card holders.

So I hope you have found this top 10 list helpful for a variety of items to print for free. Are you ready to download and print away? Enjoy!

Want more things to print for free?

There are many more useful digital downloads that you can find to improve your life right on this blog. Check out:

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Looking for pretty and practical things you can print for free? Look no further than the amazing world of digital printables.

Free Planner Dashboard Printables – Download Instantly

Check out these Free Planner Dashboard Printables to add to your system for a splash of pretty inspiration and motivational phrases.

Motivational inspirational free printable planner dashboards to download!

When it comes to planner sizes, I know there are so many options out there, so I decided to create these designs on a full LETTER sized paper. This means you can print it large like an art print or size down as necessary. I’m not an expert at all regarding conversion of sizes, but I’ve made sure to leave a lot of spacing around the central design, so you can always just trim to get the exact size you want.

The designs are all in a pinky earthy color palette that I’m totally feeling now. Very cozy and homey, but chic fashionable as well. There’s a light animal print pattern in the background with the white motivational phrase in the lower right corner. With a variety of phrases and colors to choose from, these dashboards can be very aesthetic but also functional in separating sections of your planner. I always love to include a bit of motivational artwork in my planner, even if I’m mostly functional and don’t use stickers or decorate. Since I look at my planner every day, I want it to be filled with things I WANT to see on a regular basis.

Download Free Planner Dashboard Printables

Get all the designs of the free planner dashboard printables below, just right-click on the link and download the ZIP file to your computer. You can choose whichever dashboard you prefer and print to the size you need. Trim as necessary. All the 300dpi JPGs are LETTER-sized.

Free printable planner dashboards for free download.

Download Free Planner Dashboards ZIP

If you like my designs but looking for more… check out my Etsy shop of premium printables. I create art printables in giant poster sizes, so you can use them in a variety of ways, including as planner dashboards! See my Etsy shop here >>

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Chic Free Planner Dashboard Printables - Download Instantly

FREEBIE 2021 Printable Yearly Calendar

Use this handy downloadable 2021 Printable Yearly Calendar for all your planners and notebooks! We always need an overview of the year to keep organized.

Download this free printable 2021 yearly calendar at-a-glance view.

Here’s a yearly calendar printable for 2021 that is a MONDAY START. I’m definitely a Monday start kind of person and it makes more sense in my mind for the yearly and monthly view. If might also be helpful to highlight the weekends at the end if you prefer that view… but I have kept this design completely black and white for ease of printing and customization.

You can get your schedule and plans organized with a full year view at-a-glance – use this calendar however you see fit! Just download the PDF below and print as many copies as you need below. Here are some ideas on how I use yearly calendar views…

2021 Yearly Calendar View

This freebie printable is something I create almost every year, because it’s just so handy all around the house. We can always use a yearly calendar view – at your desk, on the fridge, in your planner. For quick reference of dates, it’s helpful to see the whole year on a sheet of paper.

Habit Tracking

Other than providing an at-a-glance view of the coming year, yearly calendars are also great as habit trackers. You can print as many copies as you need and label the top for one habit. Then cross out or highlight each day you complete your habit daily. You can also highlight or cross out a week, if your habit is weekly, instead of daily. Some folks actually collage over each month for a monthly habit or documentation as well. A lot of ideas and ways to keep yourself on track!

Download the 2021 Printable Yearly Calendar

Get your FREE copy of the 2021 printable yearly calendar below. Just click on the PDF link and download to your computer for printing. The calendar is sized on regular Letter-sized paper, but you can print at a smaller percentage size as needed.

Download 2021 Yearly Calendar Printable PDF

Looking For More FREE Printables?

Hope you find this free printable useful for your planning and organization this year. If you like digital downloads, you might also like the following posts:

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Free Digital Art Downloads on my Kenarry.com Guest Posts

Looking for free digital art downloads? Here’s a round-up of all my guest posts on Kenarry.com with free printables. I update this post as new freebies are offered!

Free digital art downloads by tortagialla on kenarry.com guest posts

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and if you follow this blog, you’ll know that I love designing and sharing digital printables. Whether it’s patterned paper, wall art or stationery printables, I love to share my papercrafting passion with all of you.

So, having guest posted on Kenarry for awhile now, I thought it would be good to have a round-up of all the beautiful printables I have shared with the Kenarry community. Check out all the freebies listed and linked below.

You can get them for FREE, emailed straight to your inbox if you subscribe over on the Kenarry post. Enjoy and also feel free to bookmark this list as I will update monthly with new posts.

Free Digital Art Downloads on Kenarry.com

Free Printable Wrapping Paper for Christmas


Free Printable Stationery Lighthouse Design

Free Printable Stationery Lighthouse Design


Monthly Calendar 2021 and Blank Template Printables


Free birthday card printable

Free Birthday Card Printable


Printable I Miss You Cards

Free Printable I Miss You Cards


Free Thank You Card Printables
Free Thank You Card Printables


printable kids birthday cards
Free Printable Kids Birthday Cards


Printable Get Well Cards
Printable Get Well Soon Cards


coloring page for girls free printable
Coloring Page For Girls Free Printable


free printable gift certificates
Free Printable Gift Certificates


free printable thank you cards
Free Printable Thank You Cards Online


printable chore chart
Free Printable Chore Chart


free printable birthday cards
Free Printable Birthday Cards


2020 monthly calendar printables for kids
2020 Monthly Calendar Printable For Kids


halloween candy bar wrappers
Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers Free Printable


Free Digital Art Downloads - abstract art printable for fall
Abstract Art Printable For Fall


Free Customizable First Day of School signs
Free Customizable First Day of School Signs


Birthday Banner Printable
Birthday Banner Printable: Free Download

meal planner template
Meal Planner Template Free Printable Download


printable coloring pages
Printable Coloring Pages: Free Download


paper crafts with printables
Paper Crafts with Printables: Free Download


Free Digital Art Downloads - free printable art for home decor
Printable Art for Home Decor


Free Printable Planner Stickers
Free Printable Planner Stickers Coffee


Printable Valentines Day Cards for Kids
Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids


kids planner
Kids Planner Printables


Printable Christmas Wrapping Paper
Printable Christmas Wrapping Paper


DIY printable halloween thank you cards
DIY Printable Halloween Cards

Want more digital printable designs?

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Vintage Texture Paper Printables Freebie Download

Looking for some vintage texture paper printables? Here are 8 different high resolution scans of vintage book papers to download and print!

Download and print these vintage texture paper printables - 8 different scans to choose from.

Lately I’ve been feeling the vintage vibe and working on scanning a bunch of vintage papers to use in my designs. I thought it would be nice to share these raw scans of old vintage texture papers so you can download and print them!

Imagine using these in your junk journals, art journaling, planner decor and other papercrafting projects. Although I love color and modern graphic design, there will always be a place in my heart for the vintage look. There’s something about the textures and aged look that brings me comfort…

Consider printing out these vintage paper printables in a small size and using them as little notecards. Or you can print them full page as backgrounds for new art pieces. Sometimes I actually stitch different vintage papers together with a sewing machine to create a very tactile paper quilted piece. Have fun papercrafting with these!

Download this vintage texture paper printable…

Vintage texture paper printables for download and printing.

Download Vintage Texture Papers ZIP

Okay, so you can download this set of vintage texture paper printables via the link above – save the ZIP file to your computer and use them over and over again. It contains the high resolution PNGs of the pages, so you can print them out for all your papercrafting, journaling, collaging and general vintage paper fun time!

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Looking for some vintage texture paper printables? Here are 8 different high resolution scans of vintage book papers to download and print!