Free Printable Animal Print Paper Designs

Download these free printable animal print paper designs for scrapbooking, art journaling, planner decoration and more papercrafting fun!

FREEBIE DOWNLOAD: Free printable animal print paper designs

Animal print patterns, from leopard to cheetah are super trendy these days and I have seen many variations out there. I decided to try my hand in creating an animal print design pattern and throwing in some non-traditional colors as well.

The tan colored spotted leopard cheetah pattern is classic and very earthy feeling to me. However, I wanted to share a splash of hot pink and turquoise blue as well. What do you think of the variations? With a bit of texture, this large-scale animal print pattern is great for planner dashboards and all kinds of happy mail papercrafting projects.

You can decorate your planner pages or collage them in your creative journal. Or maybe make some cards for friends? I love sharing printable papers because I think they are the most versatile for paper lovers and crafty folks like us! What project do you have in mind for these beautiful animal print papers?

Download Free Printable Animal Print Paper

Just click on the link below to download all three variations of animal print paper designs in 12×12 inch, high-resolution size. You can print smaller or larger using your home printer settings, depending on the project you are working on. Enjoy!

FREEBIE: animal print pattern designs printables

Download Free Printable Animal Print Paper Designs ZIP

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Download free printable animal print design papers for scrapbooking, art journaling and planner deco!

Covid-19 Time Capsule Printable

A covid-19 time capsule printable to help capture this time in history. Full-color FREE DOWNLOAD for creative journaling and memory keeping.

Why Create a Covid-19 Time Capsule Printable?

No matter where you are in the world, no doubt you have been affected in some way by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although there is a lot of frustration and anxiety coming out of this situation, it’s important to document your feelings anyway. You can make this moment in time an amazing keepsake for your family using this printable and a dash of creativity.

I’ve been seeing a lot of covid-19 time capsule printables created for kids. Some are part of distance learning programs and others just a fun activity in general. I love the idea and I think it’s a great way to guide children in processing this unprecedented experience. So I decided to create my own version for memory keeping purposes. With full-color pages and more open-ended spaces, there’s room to decorate and journal.

Download Covid-19 Time Capsule Printable

Journaling in all forms is a very therapeutic activity, so the act of creating documentation for this experience can really help alleviate stress! I post this on May 2nd – International Scrapbook Day – so it’s a perfect opportunity to do some memory keeping together.

I decided to use a little cactus illustration because it sort of resembles the whole covid-19 virus look, but a lot CUTER! It also made me think of this time period, where it’s all prickly and freaky like a cactus. However, we can always take some sort of goodness out of a bad situation. Find the silver lining as people say.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Covid-19 Time Capsule Printables by

DOWNLOAD: Covid-19 Time Capsule Printable PDF

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Whatever method you choose to document with, it will surely be a beautiful keepsake to look back upon.

FREE download for Covid-19 Time Capsule Printable Pages

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Printable Coloring Page for Girls + Positive Girls Coloring Book

Here’s a free printable coloring page for girls with the ‘i love myself’ positive affirmation – coloring fun and boosting your self-esteem!

Here's a free printable coloring page for girls with the 'i love myself' positive affirmation - coloring fun and boosting your self-esteem!

Positive Girls Coloring Book

Finally, I have finished up my first coloring book with 25 original illustrations of my positive girls characters. Each girl supports a positive affirmation, because I love the idea of destressing while you color and repeating a positive affirmation at the same time. Double win!

Ultimately, there are universal truths for all of us… no if and or buts. You need only repeat the positive statements… and I know personally, even knowing something, I need the reminder regardless.

My hope is that this coloring book will be a joy for little girls AND their moms. It’s a lovely mother-daughter activity as well as something to do for parties and youth groups to boost confidence and self-esteem in girls.

Have fun coloring and actively repeat the positive affirmations at the same time. When your coloring book is complete, you will have a finished piece of beautiful artwork YOU have created personally to read and repeat every day.

It’s my hope that this helps  girls all around world to love themselves, feel their worthiness and boost their self-esteem all around. We are positive girls, right?

Download the printable coloring page for girls sample below – I love myself

I love Myself positive affirmation girls coloring page preview

Download Positive Girls I love myself PDF

This page is the same one posted on my patreon page here. ENJOY and feel free to share this post and spread the word.

If you love coloring and positive affirmations, support my work by purchasing the book published on Amazon! Thank you!

And even if you are not personally interested in coloring or positive affirmations for girls, perhaps you might share this with a friend who would love it or gift it to the girls in your life. I would really appreciate your support in any way. THANK YOU!

Quotes for International Women’s Day – Free Downloads

Want to celebrate with inspirational quotes for International Women’s Day? Check out these free downloads to print or post on social media!

Quotes for International Women's Day - Free Downloads

Quotes for International Women’s Day

Supporting women and celebrating women’s rights should be a given and neverending effort (I’m a woman afterall) but it is nice to have a specific holiday to help spread awareness. March 8th is International Women’s Day. The holiday dates back to the 1900s as “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality,” according to the official IWD website.

When it comes to sentiments, I love sharing phrases and quotes to help spread the love. There are so many great quotes to share, so do your part by spreading the word about this holiday. From empowering sayings to quotes about equality – it’s all positivity!

I thought it would be great to take my favorite quotes for international women’s day and create some shareable graphics. These are free to download and pass around, print out for journaling and decoration. I’m happy to create something positive and uplifting to share with everyone for the occasion.

Free Downloads

Feel free to right-click and download the images below for your social media sharing and posting. There’s also a link to a zip file with all the image JPGs, if you want to download in one shot. You are free to print them out and use for other purposes. There are so many crafts and fun paper crafts that can be done with these graphics, enjoy!

Download IWD Quotes ZIP

she believed she could so she did

to tell a woman everything she cannot do is to tell her what she can

well-behaved women rarely make history -Eleanor Roosevelt

She wasn't looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword. - Atticus

some days she has no idea how she'll do it but every single day it still gets done

Where there is a woman, there is magic.

Here's to strong women: may we know them. may we be them. may we raise them.

Real queens fix each other's crowns.

Who run the world? Girls. Beyonce

We all have a Wonder Woman inside of us.

Printable Shamrock Template and Paper

FREEBIE printable shamrock templates and full-color paper designs for coloring and crafting this St. Patrick’s Day or any Irish themed craft project.

Printable Shamrock Template and Patterned Paper - 3 leaf and 4 leaf clover printable shapes

Printable Shamrock Templates

Lately I’ve been playing around with the shamrock design and shape. I love how the leaves of clover look like little hearts stuck together. Super cute and adorable, just right up my alley!

So I thought it was only right to create some shamrock printables to share here on the blog. For those of us with little kids, coloring and crafting are fun art projects to past the time. So I’ve create a printable shamrock template that has the 3 leaf and 4 leaf clover on one page. It can be a coloring page, use for collage and learning around the theme of plants, St. Patrick’s Day and green related lessons.

Of course, while I was at it, I also used the design to go a bit further and create a shamrock patterned paper design. It has lots of layered color and an organic textile texture to it as well. It’s a pretty printable paper design for scrapbooking, art journaling and all kinds of paper crafting projects. Everything is available for free download below.

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Free Printable Downloads

Download the zip file below that contains both shamrock template outlines and the full color shamrock patterned paper design I created. I hope these will help you with your next crafty project!

Printable Shamrock Patterned Paper

Download Printable Shamrock Template & Paper ZIP


What’s next?

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