For those that scrapbook, make cards or art journal… you have probably come across challenges and prompts before. Bloggers usually share a theme, a prompt or a certain technique and ask folks to join into the challenge. Sometimes it’s just about participation and other times it’s also for prizes. I really think they are good sources of inspiration and a good routine to follow – a bit like doing your homework. Obviously there is never an obligation to participate, but if something sparks your interest  you can run with it. Have you found any particular challenge and prompt blogs that you enjoy following?

Above is a little peek of my art journal as I was inspired by the latest prompt over on Michelle Ward’s blog. It was about creating grids and even more interesting, creating non-grid grids! Just last week I created a grid of squares to journal over, but I had never thought to break out of the square shapes. We can follow the grid, but just mix up the shapes a bit…I totally love it! I used some tags and cut out some collage papers…inking up with distress inks to create my grid of various sized boxes.

Otherwise, today has been a day of gluing lining paper onto pieces of leather so I can prep for bookmaking. I realized it’s a lot easier to do the gluing part all at once…all the other parts of binding the book aren’t as messy! I can’t seem to stop making journals and books, it’s just so much fun and an enjoyable process to work with leather, papers, needle and thread. BTW, I actually made a quickie journal last week for the color prompts over at Eraserqueen’s blog.  You should check that out as well, to learn more about color and explore. She actually makes a mini printable zine for each of the colors, how cool is that? I hope you can find inspiration in the challenges and prompts offered online. It’s a great way to meet online friends and participate in the all the fun creating!

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