I’ve realized how much time it takes to edit a little video – it’s such a challenge and I’m reminded of college days, where a music video group assignment took weeks! What seems to be funny, endearing or cool at the moment, suddenly seems awkward or dorky upon review. Perhaps the constant review of your footage makes it even harder. You start to scrutinize all the details, even though it’s probably going to flash by anyone else who sees it. I’ve been wanting to somehow share my artwork, process and bits of my Italia life through video, but it’s taking forever to come up with anything half decent. To all of you guys out there who make videos and share them online, thank you and give yourself a pat on the back. It’s hard work!

Part of my process involves a bit of character development. See the little lady I’ve been trying to draw above? I suppose it’s a cute representation of myself, but it’s been challenging to draw the same character in different ways, but still retain the essence of whoever she is. The idea is so that you’ll realize it’s the same lady! But then again, when I watch cartoons they don’t really seem to change clothes, do they? Hmm. I’ve noticed that I lack control and consistency when drawing. It’s easy to make things look different, but what if I what to be able to duplicate something exactly? She seems a bit different each time…even if it’s a slight difference. I started thinking about development and realized maybe it’s okay that I’m not machine like, duplicating my drawings. Maybe that’s normal! I mean, even when we take pictures of ourselves we often look different or at some weird angle it might even seem like an imposter! The development part of the termĀ character development, means ever changing and growth. So it’s okay to be a bit different, a bit inconsistent – and by that I mean my own life and my alter ego character drawings. Life is good…don’t sweat the small stuff and just go do something fun, right?! Yeah, that’s the way I’m going to think about it. Happy Friday!

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