Here’s my latest graphic art print design titled, Chase Your Dreams, because I believe it is important to take action when pursuing your dreams – whatever they may be.  It is important to hope and dream, but ultimately you have to work hard and get yourself into doing what you need to do.  I remind myself to take action and chase after creativity all the time, letting myself go with my impulses to fully explore an idea, especially when that rush of excitement is bubbling up.  Whether it ends with a lovely result or not, it’s a learning experience and I can be sure that I’ve put my best foot forward.  This is another one of those notes to myself and I hope in sharing with you, it can be a good reminder to help push you along on your journey in life.

Chase Your Dreams, Graphic Art Print

I also added a lot of digital stamps to my Etsy shop this week and working on some mixed media paintings and color explorations.  Hopefully I can show some progress later this week, although I’m running around trying to find my metallic pens that seem to have run away!  🙁

This weekend I have a scheduled hospital visit, might be offline for a while, but don’t worry, I’ll be fine and back soon!  In preparation, I’ve decided to work a bit ahead of time and keep up with my blog schedule by programming in some future posts.  I don’t want to interrupt my current flow, especially since I’m on a roll in creating this week…I really think I can do it and it feels great to be productive.  So stick around for posts as normal!  Thank you for stopping by as always…ciao ciao!

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