As I head off to our family get together this morning, I got to thinking about how lucky I am to have all the things that I have.  It’s so easy to take for granted anything and everything…but sometimes a big change in your life shakes up your point of view.  Moving to Italy was a big change for me and many of the aspects of everyday life that seemed normal in the States, sometimes just doesn’t match up here in Italy.  I’ve certainly gone through difficult times, frustrating processes and seemingly impossible situations that wouldn’t ever occur in the States, but I realized that you have to give and take no matter what situation you are in.  There are always the pros and the cons, it’s finding the balance in all of it that really matters.


The fixation many have on the negative things really creates a very sad life. I try to steer away from that and be thankful for all that I have now, even if I’m working towards more and better things. I think I can appreciate even the little things so much more after living here in Italy and witnessing so many differences.  Not to say I succumb to all the Italian ways of thinking or doing things…just perhaps that I can step back and see a bigger picture than previously.  Maybe it comes with age, experience and going abroad…something like that.


I hope that you can change your perspective on things for the better as well.  Have a fabulous Christmas day, whether with family, friends or even alone out there…just cherish and enjoy what you have.  Half the battle is simply your outlook on life.  You have the power to choose what you do, how you react and how you feel in the end.  So have a merry day, no matter what.  Ciao ciao!


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