Today I decided to create my layout earlier in the day, to try and avoid any papercrafting injuries late night! So far it’s going well and I’m quite happy with my simple little layout. The LOAD prompt was about reflecting who you are in both the past and present. I chose to use this photo from years back in Los Angeles, when I led all my friends astray one night. We were supposed to go to a LACMA opening and I thought it was at LACMA…but it wasn’t. We were standing out front, only to realize the actual venue was elsewhere…oops. Sorry guys! A navi doesn’t really help if you don’t know where you are supposed to go!

It’s definitely a photo that reminds me of how I have changed and not changed over time. There’s this duality of feeling super confident in certain situations and super clueless other times. There are so many different sides to our personalities and certain aspects stay with us over time, while others seem to fade away…replaced with other qualities. I read a post titled Other People’s Lives Aren’t What You Think and it was very timely today. ┬áMy perspective of something is just one view of the many possible facets. There’s always more under the surface, I think.

Here are some detail shots of the page and you can see that I’m using my sewing machine a lot. I have it out on a small table and the accessibility definitely lends itself to be used more often. The sticker quote on the very bottom is from the October Afternoon Farmhouse collection, otherwise I just created and printed from my computer.