This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of creating and the reasons why I do what I do. Whether I’m taking photo, altering them, doodling, painting, creating digital graphics or randomly making whatever I feel like at the moment…it’s just something I must do.

Often I’m inspired to make something because I see someone else do it – a cool project or idea that just has to be tried. However, most of the time it’s about channeling ideas out of mind, feeling good through the process and being happy.

Making stuff makes me happy. Isn’t that enough reason to do something?

It just feels good to keep my hands busy and the process of creating art and crafting seems to take me into a relaxing zone. It’s not work mode, when I have a game-plan in mind on how to tackle the problem in the most efficient manner possible, etc etc. My creative time doesn’t come from a plan and even when I think I have a plan – it turns out completely different.

I semi-finished the little binder book I started yesterday and decided to use it as an address book. The pages are made of kraft paper folded into pockets, so it can hold business cards and tags. I suppose at some point it might get really bulging, but I actually like how it fans out anyhow.

After making that little book I immediately felt the urge to create more…I wasn’t done bookmaking perhaps. I automatically went to folding papers and cutting leather to make another classic journal. I just did it without much thought or planning…it felt so satisfying in the end. I don’t really sell much stuff at all even though I’ve put it out there online, but I just keep doing it anyway. Why is that? Shouldn’t I be discouraged and give up already? It’s bizarre, but I have these internal debates with myself sometimes. I’ve realized that sales doesn’t equal satisfaction for me. It would be great to one day be a self-sufficient artist, but either way I’ll be creating. I just like it. It’s fun! I want to be happy and enjoy life, so I just have to do these things. Perhaps it’s moving to Italy that has changed my perspective as well. Previously it was all about satisfying social norms and being that “perfect person” that I thought people wanted me to be. The successes that I thought were imperative ended up being pointless in the end. No satisfaction, no happiness, no feeling. I’ve changed so much and my priorities have completely shifted. I feel like life is so much simpler now.

Am I oversimplifying it? I dunno…but I just really feel like I’ve stepped back from the whole “scene of life” and now I can see the big picture. I’m sure there’s still much to learn, but I’m so happy and grateful for the life I have – gosh, I can never gush enough. Sigh…all this to really say that I wish everyone would create because they just want to. Don’t let fear hold you back. You do it because you want to. Because you love the process, because it’s fun and feels good to express yourself. Because you have to just create. That’s all the reason you need, right? I hope you all have a happy weekend and lovely holiday in the USA…until next time my lovelies 🙂