This week I’ve been experimenting with different ways of creating. Although I’ve been busy with work, I’ve found ways to be creative even with regular chores to bring fun into all aspects of my life. Sometimes I think a lot has to do with your state of mind…I can decide to be miserable because I must do xyz or I can just stick it out, whistle while I work or dance around madly thinking of how great it’ll feel to be done. I realized that making things fun helps me a lot, even if I’m feeling tired or worn down.

For many artistic projects, I fumble during the process because I find myself preoccupied with the final result.  I suppose because art is so personal, we feel more conscious about creations, how we would be judged and such.  Either way, all the worrying really makes the experience of creating not fun.  Whoa, that’s sort of contrary to the whole magical process of creating, right? I was creating my own problems, freaking myself out and then feeling depressed when things really went awry.  No fun…lots of fear blocking my way.

I am a believer in the process where the result is just possible icing on the cake. I had to remind myself of that fact…it’s so easy to be caught up and just want lovely stuff to show folks. Ultimately, it is so important to have fun and let yourself go free to experiment without worrying about the final result. When it comes to creating product, there will always prototypes and trials…so why not just approach everything as if it were a trial? If the final perfect product is realized, then great!  If not, hey, you can go at it again and have fun. I realized that I can always give something another try or redo something so that I’m happy in the end…rather than freezing myself with fear or fumbling through it and feeling dissatisfied because I believed it was my final attempt.

Create fearlessly, I say – I have been telling myself that a lot this week. I decided to make journals that convey that message, with messy ink blots all over to help us all get past futile perfection and just have fun.  I hope to be able to show a lot of work next week…for now I will let myself take the weekend off and take in a lot of inspiration to recharge. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and don’t forget… create fearlessly!

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