This week I’ve been going back to the basics, cleaning and clearing to make room for the new in my life. I know it’s all very zen. I think I need it… badly. Besides physical organization, I’m also going back to the foundations in creative play. Trying to simplify my outlook and decompress from deadlines and projects.

I’ve been spending time just playing with paint. Mixing colors and mixing even more. I’m not looking to create a final product. I’m just playing and observing the paint up close.

I love seeing all the colors laid out, the different values and intensities. If I keep mixing this with that, more hues are revealed. Going back to this simple creative process, led me to a big picture realization. There are limitless combinations possible and every little mix changes the original color. But the basic properties are still there, it’s a metamorphosis…

It made me think of people like you and me. Our color is made of our unique combination of experiences. And as we grow and learn, more is added to the mix, changing our color. Each of us is unique and beautiful to look at. Even the seemingly muddy colors, upon closer inspection revealed a beautiful range of tones in the light. Depending what you mix in, you can keep morphing the color. Lighten up, darken up, color up…

I suppose I’m really getting all zen now. Thinking about the basics helps to ground oneself. We can always use a bit of simplicity and build up from there. For now, I just need to play a bit.

How can you benefit from going back to the basics in your creative business? In your life? In your Art?

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