When it comes your creative business, there’s no doubt that countless hours are spent, pouring your heart and soul into the everyday tasks that keep it going. You spend so much energy putting your ideas into action, researching, marketing – following your creative path. It’s a fabulous thing, because it means you enjoy what you do and obviously have a commitment to your passion. Unfortunately, having fun, exploring and experimenting can often lead you astray. What were you doing all this time?! You can’t believe that hours, days, and weeks have passed.

Oftentimes we keep ourselves really busy and don’t understand why we seem to be so far off from our goals despite the effort. Although staring out at the window, watching the leaves fall might seem like a huge waste of time – I totally love admiring nature and find that my walks give me lots of inspiration for my illustration projects.

I’ve realized that for many creatives, we not only forget to track our time, but also to evaluate if time spent was worth it. Have you ever documented an entire day or week in detail? Literally keep a log, so that you can see exactly how much time you really spend on specific tasks.

When you have your time log, you can then go into the important step of evaluating if time spent was of value or not. What did you get out of spending those 3 hours reading those marketing blogs? Did you get any replies from that campaign you spent 8 hours perfecting to the last pixel and word? Is that product you sell actually profitable at the end of the day?

This doesn’t have to be an in-depth analysis with statistics, percentages or numbers flying around a spreadsheet. It’s simply an exercise in being more aware of your time and how you spend it. Only then can you make more informed decisions about how much time to spend on certain tasks…or if you should stop something altogether.

Something to think about and try this week – keep a time log. Review it and honestly evaluate your time spent. We can’t work 24/7, but it’s important to know what is worthy of your time. Keep things that work, shake up the rest, so you can figure out what works for you. Let me know what you think 😛 I’m currently tackling the same issues myself!

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