Just when I was getting into Facebook for my business and blogging about it, they go and announce a whole new interface of changes. Goes to show how fast technology forges ahead and how important it is for you to keep up or at least be aware of what’s new. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind and honestly, won’t be able to evaluate if you should or shouldn’t spend time on the latest and greatest thing. I think it pays to be informed.  For Facebook there’s a great roundup of the latest changes on Mashable…very helpful read.

I’ve been slowly coerced into joining several other social media sites, sort of test driving to see how it turns out…from Google+ to Pinterest. I’m still not sure what will become the go to way to communicate and share with others, but I figure there’s no harm in more exposure.

You’ll certainly be hitting different people and having a standing set of profile-type information across the web really helps to build up your credibility and presence. I’m starting a keep a folder of basic information about me, avatar photos, etc…so whenever I have to set up a profile, it’ll only take a few minutes.

You should also remember that technology is constantly being updated. Twitter has added a @Username and Activity tab, as well as updating the ability to upload photos to include in tweets. These little changes can really change the way you communicate and it’s important to work them into your routine. No need for Twitpic anymore!

What about the up and coming normalcy of ipads and tablet-like devices? Is your website easily readable on those platforms? I know it’s a lot to keep up with and it’s impossible to cater to all…but to a certain extent, you have to be aware and catch up one day. It is said that tablets will outsell laptops and desktops soon…imagine that! Consider the smaller size of tablet screens and the fact that we click with fingers and sweep the pages up and down…hmm…totally different experience. Also, most tablet browsers don’t support Flash (yet) and more than ever, bandwidth is an important issue. Super heavy to download sites aren’t probably so convenient for those on the go or browsing wirelessly at a cafe. Yup, more to think about. To me it seems to signal more than ever, less is more on your website.

So have you given yourself time to catch up a bit with technology these days?


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