I must confess that things have been all quiet on the marketing front. I’ve actually been swirling in experimentation, self-reflection and reading. There goes the productivity level on the business front! Even though I want to be successful and well-informed for my creative business, it’s also the easiest thing to slip out of sight as I enjoy the process of creating and playing with art as well as frolicking in the Tuscan hills! I’ve definitely been spending more time outdoors, walking my dog and enjoying the warm sunny weather.

However, I do have a mega list of ideas for how to get my brand out – basically the many marketing options available for exploration. But I’m a bit stuck into analysis paralysis, wondering what is worth it, where to start and where my efforts should be focused upon. I thought perhaps to share my list of marketing ideas and see what you have to say. Have you tried them, have they worked…what’s your experience? I would love to know and I’m sure many others would love to know as well…so I thought it would be a nice little pow-wow on marketing here. Please comment away!

  • Have you tried advertising on blogs?
  • Do you use an email newsletter and track the results?
  • Do you hold blog giveaways and do they attract sales in the end?
  • Do you participate in multiple online marketplaces – Etsy, Dawanda, Society6, Zazzle, Artfire…etc?
  • How does your blogging help with your creative business – do you track statistics or conversion to sales from your blogging?
  • Social networking – is it just community and branding in general for you?
  • Old fashioned face-to-face marketing – do you even do that now that online is so widespread!
  • Do you offer coupons to existing customers to make them return?
  • Do you offer promotions and holiday sales? Do you think it cheapens the value of your work?
  • How about teaming up with partners in business?
  • Submitting to galleries, magazines, blogs, etc? Does it bring traffic?

Yup, a lot swimming around in my mind and that’s a big list, a very general list as well, to really tackle efficiently. Maybe just pick one and share your thoughts? Thanks a bunch and happy weekend!

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