Woohoo! So I’ve completed my digital media kit after a few weeks of toiling away and editing a word here or there. It’s finally complete, at least for now. I realize that over time it will be added to…but I’ve got the bare bones minimum with a set of new photos ready for sharing. I had a really long photo session with myself earlier this week and seriously it was getting annoying to stare at myself…LOL! When it came to editing, I realized so many details and little things that were off…lots of cropping, adjusting…whew! Maybe it is best to go professional at times, but for now, I’m pretty happy with the results that I have…my guerilla way with DIY. It will do and I think it is a proper reflection of me at this point in time. I have to mention again that Tara Reed’s Press Friendly Artist ebook really helped to push me to get it done. It was so helpful to see her example kit and get the step by step rundown of press related items.

So with media kit in hand, I’m starting off with my marketing tasks. They are supposed to be weekly, but I am a bit late for this week already. Yes, time flies, we all understand, but I suppose it’s no excuse either. Hmph! I haven’t yet gotten the hang of it…but I have been doing research and making notes, so it’s just a matter of buckling down and getting it done. First, I have to write up my intro email to bloggers. It’s just a matter of getting out there, in front of people’s eyes. I’m absorbing in the wonderful articles from Modish biztips about how to approach blogs and the mega list of blogs. I now think that I should update my Etsy shop…because although I am targeting licensing clients and just want to be more known in the design and art community…I also want to promote my original work and offer things directly to consumers. It’s that personal connection that makes spreading my work more fun. Another item to add to the list!

I’ve also been looking at art competitions and calls out there to participate in. Again, another way to get myself out there, get connected with people in the industry and just plain fun when it comes to creating and sharing my work. I’ve noticed that most competitions require entry fees and although I understand it takes a lot of work to organize shows and juried competitions, I also have no experience and wondering if it’s all worth it. I suppose the key is to find those that fit me perfectly…but does anyone else have experience with this kind of thing – can you share? I wonder if the fee amount would be put to better use in direct advertising or submission to exhibition sites like paper n stitch. Hmm. I’ve learned that we simply have to find our audience, our niche, our community out there… but I suppose there’s no way to know at times but to try? There’s nothing like trial and error 🙂 At times I do feel a bit lonely…trying to find my place in this big world…oh how we can feel so small and meek at times! Where are my people?! I don’t know if it sounds presumptuous to think there are people out there, who would be MY people… but I do truly believe it…the fact that we just have to find our audience. I suppose believing that they are out there keeps me going, too.

Of course, top priority is to submit to manufacturers for licensing consideration. I have a mega list, but it’s been challenging to decide if I should create collections with a manufacturer in mind or just submit my current work. Sometimes there’s a feeling to the style, but other times there’s a mix of styles and I’m just not sure if we would be a fit. I’m also considering certain submission sites that might get my name and work out there as well. Sometimes manufacturers see independent artists on Zazzle or Cardstore and recruit in that way. I suppose in the end, there’s no harm in trying. I just saw the weeble wobble artist video tip by Tara Reed and it made me realize that I have to squash the fear of rejection that lingers in my mind. I am certain that it prevents me from stepping out of my comfort zone. I used to only do things that I KNEW would be a success…and it’s taken me lots of time to slowly open up a bit, step by step…not worrying about failure. Whew…we all know that it will pass and that it’s okay to fail, because it’s part of the learning process…but we still feel the fear. I’m still working on conquering the fear…

So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I will be spending some time working away at my marketing tasks and trying to get it a part of my routine! Ciao ciao!