As June comes to an end, every business is faced with the midyear review. How is your creative business coming along? Have your reached half your goals for the year? What might be working or not working for you and your business?

I’ve taken a moment this week to look at my finances with a closer eye, to compare my goals with the actual results…and there’s definitely a long, long way to go. Although it may be disheartening to realize that I’ve fallen short from completely realistic and doable goals, at least I have another half of the year to realign myself. I can achieve the success I’ve defined…it simply means shifting certain things and trying alternatives as well.

Think about what has worked for you in the last 6 months and what has been a big waste of time. I believe that it is supremely important to assess yourself and correct yourself when necessary. Checking in the big plan…to make sure you are still on course. I think I’ve been drifting a bit too much, so now is the time to pull the sails tight for the adventure to come…I think…

Have you done your midyear review? Think about it.

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