No doubt, you have probably heard of Pinterest. It’s the new thing to do online, a place to literally “pin” things you like from the Web. A great way to store inspiration and to follow other people’s pinboards as well. I have not jumped in on that game, simply because I haven’t the time and I already have a system of bookmarking and tracking my inspirations. However, I was wondering if people were pinning my content by chance!

And it turns out that it’s super easy to see what others have pinned from your website. Simply type in your URL instead of mine like so:

You’ll get a screen of all the pins that link back to your site. Pretty cool, huh? Just a quick tip I wanted to share. It’s a great way to see what others – at least Pinterest users – find inspiring from  your website. What do they want to bookmark or keep on their boards…safe to say some of your popular content. This gives you an indication of the type of content you produce that could go viral…

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