I’ve been diving into a variety of books these past few weeks, absorbing information the old fashioned way. I know that many of us think that surfing the internet might be researching to some effect – but there’s really nothing better than snuggling up to a good book. Truly.

Side note: I purchased a few audiobooks to listen to on my Kindle… but have realized that I dislike the format. I keep trying to envision the transcript, wanting to see the structure of the content. Kindle ebooks are better, but the old fashioned paper book is still the most useful to me. Enough said.

So, I’m trying to give myself solid ground to work upon. Learning not only about business, but about myself and my true desires in life. To revamp my lifestyle entirely, because it all goes together. You can’t expect great things without great change.

Been thinking about what am I truly working for and writing things down. Journaling by hand and posting on this blog, my thoughts and feelings.

If you are interested in the books on my shelf, here’s a short list that I have read or currently reading through. Links go to Amazon.com:

Otherwise, I have been working on a new set of girl illustrations while spreading the news about them through email introductions. It never hurts to simply tell people about what you are doing. I want to thank Indi from {KID} independent, Nicole from Elsa Bags, and Amy from Pikaland for posting about my Girls With A Message illustration series. I’m honored and thankful.

There hasn’t been a lot of external action in my creative business, it’s all happening inside of me instead. It does feel like the calm before the storm. Do you have these periods in your creative journey? How do you deal with them to make it a productive time?

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