This past week, I’ve been following along the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit and realizing I need more foundation. Although it’s not good to be stuck in the stage of forever planning or analysis paralysis – when diving into action we inevitably will reach a point of needing more direction, just the same.

I can be an impatient person, jumping into something to follow my inspiration and spark of energy. But we all know that those spurts can’t be sustained without a bigger plan. At least, that is how I feel right now. I go through cycles of high productivity mode to the slump, confusion, and crisis mode. It’s not a good cycle. I want more tranquility in my life and although it’s impossible to have complete balance, I would like to reach some kind of… equilibrium that I’m happy with.

I’ve realized that my left-brain ways of planning can only take me so far… why am I not using my right-brain skills, as well? I’m sure there’s something that can help me with building my business as an artist and illustrator – duh!? We usually think of business and marketing as left-brain skills, but maybe that is narrow minded. I can’t really explain it, but I just connected and felt that I needed to go down this path. I have heard of Jennifer Lee’s book, The Right-Brain Business Plan (Amazon link) before, but had the impression that it was the easy way out for those who didn’t want to do a real business plan. Now that I’ve learned more about it, I realize my error. It is a detailed book with a whole lot of information – simply presented differently. I finally ordered it and can’t wait to get started.

Realizing how my perspective changed for this specific thing, suddenly made me wonder if I’m blocking myself out of a whole lot of things in life and business. We all make assumptions and generalizations. Is it blinding us from seeing, accepting, or considering those things that might help us out? I truly mean no offense, but I used to think yoga and zen stuff was all hokey and weird. Oh, I’m not into that stuff, I thought. I’m practical and grounded. I suppose the only way to explain it… is that we fear the unknown.

Although I don’t run out with open arms to every single new thing out there, I do feel much more open-minded nowadays. In fact, I try really hard to remind myself, that whatever I feel, it is just the first impression. And we know how our impressions of things change dramatically over time.

So all this to say, this week, I’ve been in a soul searching type of mood. I’m making plans, organizing and cleaning up my space. I’m making room for the work I need to do.

If you want different results, then you have to change the way you are doing things, right? Do you have a business plan? Have you assessed your progress and adjusted your course along the way? Perhaps you need to open your mind to new things?

BTW, happy International Woman’s Dayfesta della donna here in Italy. It’s our day. Let’s do something awesome!

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