Now for a real update of my creative business landscape. Things have not been fast paced and I’ve certainly been in a slump. Or perhaps, you could call it, research and find yourself phase.

  • Girls With A Message (always taking suggestions) are being created and featured in my weekly newsletter. The latest is trust yourself. Bizarre how slowly it’s all moving. I have a set of 12 girls near completion, but that finalization step… I just can’t seem to plow through it.
  • Got stuck a bit in the middle, in reflecting about my personal experiences. Still working through The Right-Brain Business Plan (Amazon affiliate link)
  • Only add 3 new girls in the digistamp shop and another pack of papers into CatScrap shop
  • Rebound / reworked 2 old journals
  • Added to after discovering that there are many online courses for pattern design
  • Started some paintings, drawings, a few other books and research topics…
  • Been reading a lot and thinking a lot

Despite it all, no matter how slowly it is moving along. At least it is moving along. Onward.

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