When I first learned about this service, I was sort of freaked out by the peeping tom privacy issue aspect. But at the same time…I was intrigued by the power of being able to look over a reader’s shoulder as they navigated my website. I could see exactly how my blog readers were behaving. Userfly is a service that actually records a video of the user going through your website. Yeah, I didn’t even know that could be done!

So besides the creepy factor…if you just try out the free trial, you can get a good glimpse of how people navigate through your website. It also gives you real-time information of where people are coming from and what they are looking at…if they jump to other sections of your website or just leave. You can also get that type of information from your website analytics, but with Userfly you are watching it happen. I definitely learned a lot about what people are looking at and a little about how it feels to be a reader of this blog, rather than the creator behind it. Definitely a new perspective…

Please spread the word and share!

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