I just had a thought… about how an unknown designer or creative professional usually has to work really long, hard hours to make just a little money. Then there are the big names that don’t necessarily need to work as long or as hard, to make much more money. I realize there are many legitimate reasons to account for the difference, such as skill, experience, and quality. Of course, there are also many cases where the end product or service is not much different. I suppose one is the name brand, the other is an unknown little guy we are afraid to trust.

My thoughts drifted to state of mind. Those who are successful obviously believe in their own worth. They price accordingly and put their work out there with confidence. I believe that energy transmits. So part of the issue for beginners, is perhaps simply confidence and believing in oneself. One of things I’ve heard before, from formally trained fine artists…is that they definitely got confidence and “approval” from going to art school. Everyone believed in art as a profession and gained a sense of overall confidence from their years of education.

So maybe the first step to success, is shifting your state of mind and re-evaluating your feelings about your own work. Are YOU acknowledging your own worth? This could be in your business in terms of setting up your pricing and present yourself…but it also is an emotional battle. Self-confidence. You have to believe that you are totally awesome. Otherwise, how can you expect others to think so?