Happy Thursday to everyone! This week I’ve been busy with a lot of on-the-computer work, so really took the opportunity to get hands on today. Of course, my Spring cleaning attempts are still midway…this is part of my desk where I can’t find anything. Yup, my creative space is totally messy!


Although I want to dive in and clean madly, I know it usually results in spreading everything around the room and not finishing! So I’m trying to do it one drawer at a time…one thing at a time, like paper!  I confess that I am a paper hoarder, always thinking I’m going to do something cool with this particular special paper, but end up hoarding it forever because I can’t bare to cut it. Tsk tsk. I’m collecting up all my paper stacks and rolls and looking for a place that is in view, so I will be more drawn to making the cut! Along the way I’ve been finding a lot of paper scraps for the recycling bin. Some of the papers are nice and thick, even if not blank – so inspiration struck and I decided to make a scrappy journal.  I gathered up old magazines, catalogues, packing materials, scrap watercolor paper, test prints and btw the latest issue of Somerset Studio has artists papers in it, too. Anything with a bit of thickness will do nicely for a mixed media art journal because you cover up with paint anyway.


In the end, my recycled scrappy journal actually turned out really cool looking!  I’m happy with the results and feeling that using scrap materials provides more inspiration and is less intimidating to dig into. The super long cotton ribbon is there so I can keep changing the binding tightness if things get too thick. Now I can go paint this up and work on a stack of paintings I have in progress.  I tend to forget about things because I’m already on to the next thing – eek!



Before I go offline, I also wanted to share my drawing a day on Flickr, little birdies with style! I added a beanie hat one today and hope to keep this up because it’s fun to create little characters that have such different personalities suggested by changing a few lines here or a hat there! Illustration is cool. Our family just got a birdhouse set up, so I’m currently very amused watching the birdies eat our bread crumbs. Okay, now I’m off…

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