Perseverance is defined to be steady persistence in a course of action, purpose or state – especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. Sounds like it applies very much to our creative practices, don’t you think?


Seth Godin sums it all up nicely as well. There’s always going to be an element of unknown in our endeavors. You have to keep at it no matter what because that’s the only way we get anywhere and get anything done. Through experience we learn and move forward, right?

These thoughts have definitely been on my mind, especially in my last weeks of pregnancy. I’ve had a very lovely 9 months all in all, but definitely started to feel the load, the discomfort and thinking “when is this going to be done already!” Even without external factors we can find ourselves creatively stuck… imagine when life intervenes (which is always).

I suddenly found myself less than motivated to do much of anything and not having the energy to pull through even when the intentions were there. Although there’s no need to push oneself beyond physical limits, the idea of formulating a more regimented creative routine for myself started sounding like a good idea. A foundation that keeps me afloat to a certain level…

Creative rituals fit hand in hand with the idea of creative perseverance. It a tool that keeps you going, so you can push yourself forward, past whatever difficulties and obstacles that might crop up during the journey.

So then I started thinking about all the various tools we should be collecting into our creative arsenal. Things that would help us along our creative adventure. It’s so important to have proven techniques in your back pocket to turn to.

Not to mention, a bit of creative motivation and friendly pep-talk helps as well. There will always be bumps in the roads, but we ride ’em out and keep on goin’. Yee-hah!

Do you have any creative perseverance tools to share? 

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