Today, I was all set to get focused and in the trenches with a few collections of designs…but then ended up starting my empathy monster instead. I’m letting myself go with the natural flow of creative inspiration, as mentioned in my last post about time management. Just had this urge to create something soft and silly.

I had signed up for Willowing’s Art, Heart, and Healing free class a long while ago…and as always…I get inspired and excited by opportunities…but often don’t finish them up. How many classes have you signed up for and never completed, right? Or maybe it’s just me! So finally I started to create my empathy monster as part of the class, although I designed my own version. I had an old ruined sweater from my non-existent laundry skills…so it was a perfect way to upcycle! I wanted a girly monster…so that should explain the crazy pigtail type hair pieces and pinky cheeks. While sewing things up, I also thought a lot of empathy. How my understanding of empathy wasn’t clear before listening to Tam’s video. How empathy is different from sympathy and there is significance of no mouth or closed mouth on the dolls – because empathy means no judgement or overtaking the conversation – just listening.

It all certainly got me thinking about my own reactions…when others share with me. If I am empathizing or sympathizing?! Hmm…and of course thoughts on myself as well. The fact that I can’t sew properly…but still the doll is made…and she is lovely to me. We can often be so hard on ourselves, but somehow others can help us get through with just their empathy. It’s not that someone else is going to solve our problems or make hurt go away completely. But somehow…the company helps. Hmm…I hope you all are having a creative day. I’ll have to finish my doll up and give her a proper name…my lovely empathy doll monster…

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