Those who subscribe to my newsletter know that I’ve started a weekly practice of illustrating my girls with a message. It’s been working out nicely and I’m happy to share my thoughts on why I chose the particular message for my illustrations. The latest is called let go and love, sharing my new perspective of what minimalistic living really means to me.

In other creative progress, I’ve been playing around with some of my old drawings in Photoshop to see if I color them digitally. I think it’s cute, but I don’t like the process of scanning and editing – I suddenly realize!  Guess I should try to actually draw using my Wacom pen and tablet directly. I’ve just never gotten the hang of it and it is easier to just doodle with plain pen and paper. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide if I should spend time learning to use a new tool properly, if it’s okay to just stick to the basics.

What do you think about digital versus hand-drawn illustrations? Ultimately, it still takes the illustrator’s hand… but something is decidedly different… both in process and result.