I’m in the middle of making leather journals this week, to be gifts for friends and family. This August we are doing a mega vacation to visit East coasters and West coasters in the USA, so I’m excited and freaked out at the same time. It’s challenging for anyone to do such a long trip 1.5 months…but I’m also worried because we are bring our puppy, Vash. Yeah, we just can’t leave him even though it’s a challenge finding pet-friendly everythings…

The weather sort of dipped from mega hot to gloomy thunderstorms, so it’s slow moving here on my craft desk. Just getting papers together and trying to decide on the size and type of closure for the journals. Anyone up for faux animal print? It’s really weird looking and I probably wasted a fair amount of time just looking at this thing.

Hopefully by next week, before I head off on my adventure…I can share a photo of all the journals I’ve made. I’m excited to give them away (here I am thinking way too ahead). Need to make them first…so my creative progress is sort of a mess of papers, pieces of leather, string and glasses of iced coffee so far. 🙂 Wish me luck!

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